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Mi Teleferico La Paz, Bolivia Ropeway: Map, Timings, Things to do In & Around 2021

Mi Teleferico la Paz bolivia is an aerial cable car system that is situated on the world’s highest metropolitan area, La Paz–El Alto in Bolivia. La Paz, the country’s capital, is above 3,650 meters water level and it is having a population of around 800,000 people. Find lineas del teleferico la paz bolivia – Mi Teleferico La Paz, Bolivia Ropeway here.

Mi Teleferico La Paz, Bolivia Ropeway: Map, Timings, Things to do In & Around


Mi Teleferico is the most spectacular public transport system on the planet. The expansive city of La Paz can be seen by cable car on a guided tour that includes the main areas from El Alto to the stylish South Zone, and the journey to La Paz takes you from snow-capped peaks, mountain neighborhoods, and noisy streets with scenic views of downtown above.

This tour captures your posture in Bolivia’s largest city. This is a great way to get a deeper view of the local area from an altitude point of view.

A well-known market, the witch market, offers a unique souvenir. You will pass the huge central cemetery on your way to the El Alto Witch Market, a famous market for unique goods and occasional ceremonies. Expect minibusses from a few alto neighborhoods in the Witch market.

First, ride the yellow line cable car to the southern edge of the city. Then move to the Green Line, which extends all the way to the upscale south zone featuring the city’s most modern architecture. The tour ends at the top restaurants and attractions in downtown La Paz.

La Paz Bolivia cable car is a great introduction to the city for first-time visitors. If you have hired a guide, you can learn about the local culture and history of La Paz. Here is the map of it.

Teleferico en la Paz – Details of Mi Teleferico bolivia ticket rates

Mi Teleférico holds two world records: it’s the world’s longest ropeway project and therefore the world’s highest car system. It currently consists of 23 kilometers (km) of lines and has 20 stations along six routes. it’ll be expanded to a minimum of 34 km with five additional lines and a complete of 30 stations.

Each line features a maximum capacity of 6,000 passengers per hour. Each car seats 10 passengers. Cars depart every 12 seconds, and therefore the network is open 17 hours each day. In 2017, a mean of 243,000 passengers per day used Mi Teleférico.

The only ticket for La Paz’s cable car system is the Mi Teleferico only 3 Bolivians or 33 p. The locals enjoy the trip using smart tickets by paying less money.

  • Starting Point: Sol y Luna, Calle Murillo esquina Calle Cochabamba, zona Central, La Paz, Bolivia
  • Mi Teleferico (Stop 30 Minutes)
  • Cementerio (Stop 30 Minutes)
  • EI Alto Witch Market (Stop 30 Minutes)
  • Endpoint: Sol y Luna
  • Time Duration: 2 – 3 Hours
  • Rating: $8
  • Mountain Bike Ratings: $125
  • City Walking Ratings: $3
  • Sightseeing: $44
  • Street: $3
  • Witches market: $45

lineas del teleferico la paz bolivia- La paz bolivia cable car lines

The mono cable aerial cable car line is an important part of the Mi Teleferico system. Most lines have a maximum capacity of 3000 passengers per hour. The Sky-Blue line has a capacity of 4000 passengers per hour, which is slightly more than the other lines.

There are 203 cars on the Red, Green, and Yellow lines, 208 on the Blue line, 127 on the Orange line, 131 on the White line, and 12 on the Sky-Blue line.

Each car can seat 10 passengers, the car departs every 12 seconds, and the network is open 17 hours a day. The red, yellow, and green lines carry between 80,000 and 90,000 passengers a day. The Yellow and Red Lines connect La Paz and El Lotto, both of which account for about 70,000 rides.

Name of Line Name of Stations Stations Time Duration Length Cabins Cities Speed
Red 16 de Julio – Taypi Uta 3 10 Minutes 2.4 km 109 La Paz & EI Alto 5 m/s
Yellow Mirador – Libertador 4 13.5 Minutes 3.9 km 169 La Paz & EI Alto 5 m/s
Green Libertador – Irpavi 4 16.5 Minutes 3.7 km 165 La Paz 5 m/s
Blue Rio Seco – 16 De Julio 5 17 Minutes 4.7 km 208 EI Alto 5 m/s
Orange Taypi uta – Villarroel 4 10 Minutes 2.5 km 127 La Paz 5 m/s
White Plaza Villarroel – San Jorge 4 13 Minutes 3 km 131 La Paz 5 m/s
Sky Blue EI Prado – Libertador 4 11.5 Minutes 2.6 km 155 La Paz 6 m/s
Purple 6 de Marzo – San Jose 3 16 Minutes 4.3 km 190 La Paz & EI Alto 6 m/s
Brown Monumento Busch – Las Villas 2 3.5 Minutes 0.7 km 27 La Paz 5 m/s
Silver 16 de Julio – Mirador 3 11.5 Minutes 2.5 km 117 EI Alto 5 m/s

Things to do in la Paz bolivia

The city of La Paz is known for its energy, exhilaration, and mountainous terrain. The activity of throbbing activity from morning to night. Here are some ideas for doing fun things in La Paz, Bolivia.

Mi Teleferico La Paz City Walking Trip- Mi Teleferico La Paz

► Start your first tour of La Paz by walking and enjoying the city to the fullest.
► La Paz is a favorite city in South America, La Paz City walking is a perfect way to find bearings, a place in the city, and its history.
► The popular walking King Tour model in Europe is also being replicated in the South American city of La Paz.
► You can take the City Centre and the Walking King Tour with the Red Cap for only 3 US dollars or book a free cancellation through Get Your Guide.
► The trip starts every morning at 11 a.m. in the Plaza San Pedro, made infamous by the marching powder book next to the prison.
► From here the tour takes you through some of the city’s most iconic facilities, Rodriguez Market, San Francisco Church, Plaza Murillo.

City view from Mirador

► Most things to do in La Paz, see the city panorama from Mirador.
► The high-altitude arrangement of La Paz in the Andes Mountains creates some incredibly successful views of the city of La Paz.
► Mirador is one of the best places to have a view over a hill in the Villa Pabon neighborhood.
► You can also go by taxi or bus depending on the starting point.
► You will be greeted with the Illimani Mountain Looming in the background from the panorama of the sprawling city.

Witch Market’s Visit

► This market is one of the more exotic attractions of La Paz.
► The market is located on the Calle Jimenez in one of the city’s tourist hotspot areas, with rows of shops selling exotic trinkets lined the street, citing the old customs of the Aymara indigenous people.
► Except for the strange drugs here, owl feathers and dry amphibians, which are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
► You can take it with you by buying more traditional souvenirs like local crafts and jewelry.

Mi Teleferico La Paz cable car

► It is the world’s highest cable car in La Paz.
► With the cable car system, from Mi Teleferico it is easy to see the stunning mountain views of La Paz.
► Having the largest cable car ride in the world with an altitude of 4000 meters.
► It has proven to be a brilliant option for electric cable carriages to get around the surrounding city, with a mountain setting conducive to the metro system of La Paz.

EI Alto Visit

► There are colorful stalls, the biggest market in Bolivia.
► On Thursday or Sunday, you will exit Alto’s Mi Teleferico Station to the open-air market organized shopping market, which covers an area of more than 5 square km.
► It is Bolivia’s largest market and one of the best places to immerse yourself in local life.
► In its hundreds of stalls, goods can be taken in view of the scarcity of innumerable range of goods on fur such as old tires, tools, medicines, building materials, car parts.

Cholita Wrestling Night Visit

► It is a great night out for entertainment.
► It is a true one-of-a-kind event. The multifunctional Ceja de el Alto can be enjoyed every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon with a Bolivian bodice woman wearing a full traditional dress.
► Wrestling was started by women from indigenous Aymara and Quechua cultures, a display of Cholita pride, strength, and athleticism.
► Cholita Wrestling style is inspired by Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling, but with an authentic Bolivian twist.
► Wrestling night is a night of entertainment and high drama, a type you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Street Art

► One of the most striking features is the vibrant colors, which look like something from a Leonid Afremov painting over the view of houses and ceilings.
► This street in the city is engraved in art, which you can find on the streets and alleys behind it, so to speak, that the city has a colorful soul.
► The captivating murals on the city walls and buildings express an artistic spirit.

Cycling Down Death Road

► It is a famous activity in the city of La Paz.
► This activity is a challenge to ride a mountain-bike on the infamous Yungas Road.
► The ‘Death Road’ is known as the most dangerous road in the world, with narrow, uneven gravel paved in most parts, mountains places just inches away from the edges, and terrifying rain.

Snowy Peak of Chacaltaya

► These are the snowy peaks, which reach an altitude of 5486 meters and are just a few hours away from the city.

Valle de la Luna

► Valle de la Luna is also known as the Valley of the Moon, is one more enigma of fantastic rock formations and valleys.

Conclusion- Mi Teleferico La Paz

If you are a nature lover then you must visit the la Paz bolivia for the same. You can also visit our homepage for more ropeways and cable cars around the world like this.

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