Girnar Ropeway Ticket Booking online: Price, latest news, status of project 2020

Girnar Ropeway Ticket Booking online: Price, latest news, status of project 2020

Mount Girnar is a major pilgrim site  of the hindus in the state as well as in the world because of the presence of the Amba mata temple, the Dattatreya shrine in height , and many other Hindu temples as well as many Jain temples like neminath and others.  Girnar ropeway is a ropeway on Mount Girnar in Junagadh district of gujarat. It is the highest ropeway in asia which is recently inaugurated.

Girnar Ropeway Ticket Booking

Girnar ropeway is one of the Asia’s longest ropeway. earlier proposed in 1983, after the permissions and the construction glitches for the ropeway project started late September 2018. The foundation stone of the project was laid earlier in the then CM Narendra Modi. Girnar ropeway is now fully functional and ticket booking for the girnar ropeway is already started.

Udankhatola Girnar ropeway booking online & key facts about Mount girnar

  1. The project was earlier proposed by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL).
  2. Girnar ropeway project was in news because palanquin-bearers, who carries pilgrims up the mount by the Palkhi, highly opposed the project and petitioned the Gujarat High Court regarding their livelihood if the ropeway is built. However, the petition was dismissed after the executing company, Usha Breco Ltd., constructing the ropeway agreed for compensatory livelihood.
  3. More delays happened after objections from the environmental activists which led to the construction being stopped in 1999. The work resumed in 2002 after sorting the objections and the land was acquired in 2007.
  4. As the project was located within the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, the wildlife clearance was granted by the National Board for Wildlife in 2011 while the environmental clearance was granted in 2016.
  5. The proposed alignment of the ropeway was considered a risk to local endangered long-billed vultures. A PIL regarding it was filed in 2017 and was dismissed by the Gujarat High Court in 2020.
  6. The construction was restarted in September 2018. The project was projected to open in May this yeat but was further delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  7. The ropeway is constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 130 crore which included the construction of the lower and upper terminals as well as nine poles supporting the rope. It operates mono-cable gondola detachable type lifts. Nine towers have been erected between Bhavnath Taleti and Ambaji Temple, the highest being 66-metre on the thousandth step of Girnar
  8. It takes passengers 850 metres (2,800 ft) above the hill to the Amba temple. Initially, there will be 25-30 cabins, with a capacity of eight passengers each. It can carry 1,000 passengers per hour but operates at a capacity of 800 passengers per hour and 8000 per day. In one run, 192 passengers will be able to travel.
  9. A distance of 2.3 km will now be covered in just 7.5 minutes through the ropeway. In addition to this, the ropeway will also provide a scenic view of the lush green beauty surrounding the Girnar mountain.
  10. Trial runs were carried out in September 2020 under the supervision of four engineers from Austria, the trial run of the ropeway was carried out. One trolley was used for the run without any weight. The construction was completed on 17 October 2020

It is to be noted thing is that the ropeway completed at the cost of Rs 130 crore will facilitate 5 to 6 lakh people visit the Girnar mountain every year. The project has been given full access to Usha Breco on the contract terms of BOT (build-operate and transfer) basis on a lease period of 98 years.

The girnar ropeway is the Most awaited Cable Car project of Gujarat, Girnar Ropeway Inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi in late october. Know Girnar Ropeway Ticket Fare, How to Book, Capacity And Other Things to Know About Asia’s ‘Longest’ Cable Car project of India.

Girnar Ropeway in Junagadh, Gujarat is the world’s longest ropeway to a temple of Amba mata, 2.3 km and the fastest cable car project of Gujarat and India.

Gujarat Girnar Ropeway
Gujarat Girnar Ropeway

Girnar Ropeway Ticket Prices One-way and Two-way and Children fare

The Girnar ropeway is India’s finest engineering marvel contains longest and fastest Cable Car project stood at tremendous height at mountain Girnar from Bhavnath Taleti to Ambaji temple at 5000 steps and 2.3 km.

Currently, due to high maintenance and safety cost of Girnar Ropeway, The girnar ropeway Ticket price per person is Rs. 700 + 18% GST (Rs. 826) for adult person who is not resident of junagadh local. while the fare is Rs. 350 + 18% GST for children in the age group of 5 years to 10 years. No ticket fare will be charged for children under the age of years five. There is also an option of availing a one-way ticket for Rs. 400 + 18% GST.

For the local people of junagadh, there is a special discount on the ticket. It is 500 + taxes on the showing of aadhar card of junagadh residence.

Girnar Ropeway Ticket booking Online

To book an online ticket for the Girnar ropeway, Usha Breco company developed Girnar Ropeway booking site and you can book online tickets via its website Udankhatola:

After opening the site , please select Booking slot date & Time.

Then go to book now and complete the payment procedure.

Address of Girnar Ropeway Ticket Booking

Girnar Udankhatola
Nr. Sudarshan Talav, Bhavnath Taleti, Junagadh – 362004

👉 The Girnar ropeway project is constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 130 crore.

👉 A distance of 2.3 km will now be covered in just 7.5 minutes through the ropeway.

👉 The trolley will leave every 36 seconds and 800 devotees will reach the Ambaji temple in 25 trolleys in one hour.

👉 The Girnar ropeway trolley has the capacity to carry 800 passengers in an estimated time of one hour, and 8,000 persons in a day.

👉 There are total 25 glass floored trolleys . Eight people will sit in a trolley. This will allow  total 192 passengers in one round.

👉 Girnar ropeway completed at the cost of approximate Rs 130 crore by Usha Breco limited, will facilitate 5 to 6 lakh people visit every year

👉 1st time in India Helicopters used to carry the construction materials to build a ropeway in Girnar.

👉 Girnar ropeway will take passengers to an altitude of 900 metre, which is equal to 5,000 steps.

👉 The rope used in the Girnar ropeway trolley is all the way back ordered from Germany.

👉 Girnar Ropeway will provide a scenic view of the lush green beauty surrounding the Girnar mountain.

👉 Total Nine towers set up is made between Bhavnath Taleti and Ambaji Temple, the highest tower top is being 66-metre on the thousandth step of Girnar.

👉 The total height of Girnar mountain is approx. 3,500 feet. The highest peak is 3,666 feet high. The wind speed here is 180 kmph. The ropeway design is aerodynamic to counter this. 9 towers have been erected for the ropeway. Tower No. 6 is the tallest (approximately 67 m), close to the last step of Girnar. The height of each tower is kept at 7-8 floors.

👉 Girnar ropeway is India’s biggest and one of the largest passenger cable car projects in Asia.

👉 Girnar ropeway project has been given to the company on BOT (build-operate and transfer) basis on a lease period of 98 years.

Usha Breco will be operating the ropeway project on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis. The Girnar ropeway will be Usha Breco’s currently eighth ropeway project in india. As the company also operates ropeways at Maa Mansa Devi Shrine and Maa Chandi Devi in Haridwar, Pavagadh and Ambaji in Gujarat, Jatayupura and Malampuzha in Kerala, and Maa Tara Tarini in Odisha. These ropeways ferry more than 7 million people annually.

Gujarat Girnar Ropeway

Girnar Jain Temples

The group of beautifully carved Jain temples built between 1128 and 1500 are situated on Mount Girnar, those temples dedicated to the two major branches of Jainism – Digambara and Svetambara. And Neminath the 22nd tirthankara temple is the largest Jain temple and it is a significant pilgrimage site for Jain pilgrims.

Jain temples are situated at the 3300th step mark from the Girnar taleti. Every year lots of Jain devotees visit Girnar Jain Derasar.

Ambaji Temple Girnar Hill

Ambaji temple is another major pilgrim temple at Girnar hill, Ambaji temple is on one of the top peaks in the Girnar called Ambaji Shikhar. the person has to climb a height of 3,330 ft (1,010 m) and a whooping 5000 steps to reach the temple.

Ambaji Temple on Girnar is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas. and considered a sacred place. It is believed that out of all the body parts of the mata, the stomach of the Devi had fallen here.

Every year thousands of Hindu devotees climb to Ambaji temple to get blessings of Mata Ambaji. It is said that a visit to this temple guarantees a happy marriage life to the devotees.

Guru Dattatreya Paduka Mandir Girnar

The Guru Dattatreya temple is located atop a hill Girnar can be reached at the final peak by climbing around 9999 steps. then you will find the Gorakhnath Peak at 1116m (3666 ft) above sea level, where there are footprints of the rishi Gorakhnath. It is the highest peak of mount Girnar. The steps again go down and there is Kamandal Kund and another peak where there are footprints of Guru Dattatreya.

Best Time to Visit Girnar Mountain Ropeway

Best to start very early in the morning around 6 am. And the best time to visit Girnar hill is during the cold winter months after Diwali October-November to February.

Every year Maha Shivratri fair is organized at Bhavnath taleti and hundreds of devotees visit Girnar during this time.

How to Reach Girnar Ropeway ticket booking: How to book online/Offline

Girnar mountain is located about 7 km from Junagadh City in Gujarat state. Junagadh is well connected with Ahmedabad main city of Gujarat via Road and Railway.

Nearest Railway station is Junagadh and Nearby Airport is Keshod 30 km, Rajkot 100 km and Ahmedabad approx 300 km overnight journey by bus, taxi or railway.

Girnar Ropeway FAQs

  • What is Girnar Ropeway Ticket Price Per Person?

Girnar Cable Car Price / Girnar Ropeway Ticket Price Per Person is ₹700 for the two-way fare and there is also an option of availing a one-way ticket for ₹400, while the fare is ₹350 for children in the age group of 5-10No fare will be charged for children under the age of five.

  • What is the Girnar Ropeway Length and Time?

Girnar Ropeway covers distance of 2.3 km in just 7.5 minutes. Ropeway reached 5000 steps of Mt. Girnar from Bhavnath Taleti to Ambaji temple.

  • How many steps are there in Girnar?

There are 9999 stone steps to reach at final peak of Mount Girnar.
The Guru Dattatreya temple is located atop a hill Girnar can be reached at the Gorakhnath Peak by climbing around 9999 steps.

  • What is the height of Girnar?

Revatak Parvata or Mount Girnar is Gujarat’s biggest mountain is about 1116m (3666 ft) spread across an area of 70 miles, Mount Girnar has five major peaks namely, Gorakhnath, Ambaji, Guru Dattatreya, Kalka, and Oghad Ansuya. Higest Peak of Mount is the Gorakhnath Peak at 1116m (3666 ft) above sea level. you can see all this after girnar ropeway ticket booking and go above.


Mount girnar is a holy pilgrimage place for the hindus. Girnar ropeway ticket booking is a process to book your ticket for the darshan of maa amba at girnar hill top. you can find many other ropeways on the homepage. visit there for more details.

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