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Genting skyway cable car Malaysia- Book Tickets Online : Genting Highland Transportation

The Genting Skyway cable car malaysia is one of two cable car systems. It is also known as awana genting cable car. It travels between Gohtong Jaya and the top of the Highlands and serves the Genting Highlands. Here is how we can give you guidance about How to book tickets online for the genting skyway awana cable car online. The cable car offers stunning views of the numerous landmarks at heights, including the 120-million-year-old rainforest, Sky Avenue shopping mall, the Chin Swee Caves temple and the next 20th-century Fox Malaysia.Genting Skyway Cable car

After landing at the final station, there are lots of covered walks. Then you will find attractions such as hotels and rest restaurants rent, Sky Avenue shopping mall, Sky Casino and Casino de Genting.

Genting skyway cable car Malaysia- Book Tickets Online


To book the Genting Skyway Cable car tickets online, here are some details to consider. First of all you have to look at the timings for the said car. These are the operating hours for the same.

  • Opening Time: 07:00 AM
  • Closing Time: 12:00 AM

Genting skyway cable car price- Book Online

With the help of the best cable cars in the Genting Highlands, you can take in the crisp air of the mountains and even take a look at the majestic views.A 10-minute drive from Awana Station to the top of Sky Avenue Station, you will find a free stop at Chin Swee Station, where you can explore the beautiful Chin Swee Caves Temple at no extra cost.There are two types of Genting Skyway cable cars:

  1. Standard Gondola
  • One way (RM9)
  • Capacity: 10 Passengers including children
  • Express Landing
  • One Way (RM16)
  • Return (RM30)
  • 3 Stations
  • Awana Skyway
  • Chin Swee
  • Sky Avenue
  1. Glass Floor Gondola
  • One Way (RM21)
  • Capacity: 6 Passengers
  • 3 Stations
  • Awana Skyway
  • Chin Swee
  • Sky Avenue

Note: Free visit to Chin Swee Temple & Must carry Ticket.

  • Free: Child with a height below 90 cm
  • Parking: Leave your car at the side of the Sky Central Car Park Genting Highlands Premium Outlets so you can board the car from the station.
  • Cancellation Process: No refund is available for ticket cancellation process.awana ticket genting skyway cable car

How to Book awana genting skyway ticket online

Why is it necessary to book online? There are longer queues so it will take time for the turn to come and time will be wasted. If you do not want to book a ticket online, stand in line until the queue is clear. Last admission time is 12 AM. Have to wait for the weekend trip and stand in long queues. Buying tickets ahead will make it easier to ride Anna’s Skyway cable car.

  1. First you click on the website
  2. Login with your ID and password but Sign up if you are not a member.
  3. Follow all the rules and regulations described on the website.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions of Online Ticket Booking.
  5. Choose a ticket according to the ticket information available on the website.
  6. Choose how many and which kind of tickets you want.
  7. Now Click on Book Now.
  8. Proceed further and book a Ticket.
  9. Get Confirmation message “Your Ticket is Booked”.
  10. For more details please visit the official site of Genting Skyway

Awana Genting Skyway cable car Map

Still Confused? how to get there and what to do without a direction? here we are. Lets check the map of the genting skyway cable car gondola with all information in one map.awana cable car genting skyway map

Things to Do around Genting Skyway Cable car

Use the Genting Skyway Cable car ride to enjoy the amazing views. It moves upwards through the clouds. Choose a glass floor gondola if you want to get a good experience.

  • Buying
  • Visiting Theme Parks
  • Visiting Hotels
  • Fun at the Casino
  • Leisure activity
  • Get Entertainment
  • Enjoy NightLifeawana genting skyway highland

Nearby Attractions around genting skyway cable car

Explore malls and branded stores around Genting Skyway Cable car. Visit attractions nearby Genting Skyway Cable Car.Visit the amazing rainforests of Sky Avenue Station, which is about 130 million years old. Stopping at Chin Swee Caves which offer peace and all the scenic surroundings. You will enjoy a visit to Malaysia via Skyway Gondola Genting Highlands.

  • Awana SkyWay
  • SkySymphony
  • SeniKome Peng Heng
  • Chin Swee Caves Temple
  • Genting Grand Complex
  • SkyAvenue Complex
  • Awana SkyCentral
  • Skytropolis Finland
  • Big Top Video Games Park
  • The VOID
  • SnowWorld
  • Genting Bowl


Genting Skyway Cable car is Southeast Asia’s longest and fastest gondola lift. Visit the Genting Skyway Cable car Highland to enjoy the surreal views of the area, especially the old rainforests. Visitors who have experienced this ride have fantastic descriptions about Genting cable cars. Connecting the two points above the large downpour below is known as the engineering marvel in which you will never come across an entertainment. If you want to ride on the clouds, this is an excellent opportunity. Must visit this spectacular place & get amazing memory.

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